Company incorporation

All company registration procedures

WEast partners procures all parts of the company registration procedure before and after incorporation, such as:

  • full acquaint of the client´s business intention
  • advisory on best form of the corporate form
  • setting of optimal corporate structure
  • drafting of proper corporate foundation documents
  • applying to a local Trade Licence Office in order to obtain trade licences for particular business intention
  • applying to a competent Commercial Registry for the purpose of the company registration
  • applying to a local Tax Office in order to obtain Tax Number - specific number required in communication with Tax Office or invoicing

How to order company incorporation by WEast partners?

1. firstly, you have to download introduction questioner here
2. secondly, fill up introduction questioner - it take no more than 3 minutes
3. thirdly, send filled up introduction questioner on TO BE ADDED and you will be contacted in three following business days.

How long does the company incorporation take?

Generally, proper company incorporation may take up to 1 month, depending on client´s time intensity of communication and responses with WEast partners. Given period may also be depended on the amount of documents, notarially verification clauses or appositles that must be officially translated to the Slovak language. Moreover, each involved office has its statutory period for decision making, which vary from 2 up to 15 days.

Is it able to incorporate a company without travelling to Slovakia?

More than 85 % of all clients have been served without arrangement of any personal meetings. WEast partners is able to provide its clients with the highest service standards by e-mail or phone communication.

What if client has specific (non-ordinary) requirements?

WEast partners as a dynamic team of experienced professionals is already ready to adapt as far as possible to clients needs and requirements. TO BE ADDED

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