Nominee service

Professionals who can be beneficiaries, entrepreneurs and owners

Nominee service is an intermediary ownership and management tool, meaning the appointment to official positions in the company (director, president, secretary), or as a shareholder, nominee persons, both physical and legal.

Nominee shareholder is the nominee holder of the shares. Nominee shareholder holds shares registered in its/his name in favour of another person, the beneficial owner, under trust-type contractual relationships.

Nominee Director is the nominal executive body of the company acting by written and/or spoken instructions of the beneficial owner. Nominee Director signs the document with the beneficial owner (indemnity letter), which indemnifies the nominee director from any kind of claims by the authorities, creditors etc.

WEast Partners has professionals, who could be beneficiaries, entrepreneurs and owners nominee representative as a director or owner of the holding.

Nominee directorship shall be provided strictly under the valid legal regulations and non-revocable obligation of the client to do not abuse nominee directorship for improper reasons or not to use nominee directorship in contrary with the law, for the conduct prohibited by the law or for a criminal offence.

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