Employment relation

Services in the field of labor relations

Our area of expertise involves:

  • drafting of employment agreements and management agreements (agreements for fixed or indefinite periods), probationary period agreements, perfecting qualifications agreements and other types of employment agreements.
  • relations with trade unions and employee councils, advice on collective bargaining agreements
  • drafting of internal rules regulating the rights and duties of employees including work order and code of ethics
  • non-competition agreements and agreements concerning duties of employees related to business secrets (non-disclosure agreements)
  • advice on working hours of employees, including overtime, holiday and obstacles to work
  • compensation for damage caused by employee or employer
  • termination of employment relationship and severance payment
  • equal opportunity and discrimination in labor law relationships including salary, gender and other discrimination.
  • review and comments on organizational structure, promotion system and remuneration system
  • labor discipline violation
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