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Daily legal support

In assistance with highly experienced lawyers provides its clients with daily legal support. For example Attorney office CORPIS is a well-known local law firm established by JUDr. Emil Vaňko in Slovakia. Its practice is currently centred in Bratislava though the firm provides its services throughout middle Europe. WEast partners in assistance with Attorney office CORPIS concentrates on:

Company Law

  • day to day company agenda including (i) drafting and amending founder’s deeds, articles of association, statutes and other corporate documents, (ii) organization of general meetings and representation of shareholders and drafting AGM minutes, and (iii) securing formalities in relation to public authorities and performance of information duty
  • purchase of companies and advice on ownership interests transfers
  • representation in related proceedings before the commercial register, authorities of supervision over the capital market, and authorities keeping the register of securities
  • securing of necessary requirements imposed by governmental authorities (trade office, tax office, labor and social security offices, etc.)
  • share capital increase reduction
  • advice on corporate and criminal liability of shareholders and managers of companies and application of the corporate principle to act in the best interests of the company and all of its shareholders, and the prohibition of conflicts of interests including acting in the best interests of the group
  • liquidation of companies and branches
  • assisting in merging and transformation of companies
  • protection of minority shareholders and protection of companies against the abuse of minority shareholders’ rights

Company and Contracting Law

  • drafting of various commercial agreements including supply and purchase agreements, distribution agreements, lease agreements and other type of agreements
  • revision of agreements with third parties
  • consumer protection

Real Estate

  • assisting in due diligence services focusing on the identification of legal risks associated with real estate transactions
  • purchase and sale of real estate
  • lease of immovable properties, operation and financial leasing of buildings and non-residential premises, administration of real properties
  • establishment of pledges and easements
  • representation in relations with the land registry authorities

Employment Law

  • drafting of employment agreements and management agreements (agreements for fixed or indefinite periods), probationary period agreements, perfecting qualifications agreements and other types of employment agreements.
  • relations with trade unions and employee councils, advice on collective bargaining agreements
  • drafting of internal rules regulating the rights and duties of employees including work order and code of ethics
  • non-competition agreements and agreements concerning duties of employees related to business secrets (non-disclosure agreements)
  • advice on working hours of employees, including overtime, holiday and obstacles to work
  • compensation for damage caused by employee or employer
  • termination of employment relationship and severance payment
  • equal opportunity and discrimination in labor law relationships including salary, gender and other discrimination.
  • review and comments on organizational structure, promotion system and remuneration system
  • labor discipline violation

Competition and Antitrust Law

  • application of EU law particularly with respect to competition law
  • protection against unfair competition
  • protection against abuse of dominant position
  • agreements restricting competition and block exemptions, especially selective and exclusive distribution agreements
  • assistance in control of concentrations by the Anti-Monopoly Office
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