Why Slovakia

Slovakia is an ideal business environment.

Slovakia has an ideal business environment within the Central and East Europe because of its political and economic stability strengthened by the common European currency Euro, competitive taxation system tax, and availability of highly skilled and educated workforce offering the highest labour productivity in the CEE region with favourable labour costs.

The attraction of Slovak business environment is proved by constantly raising number of foreign investors and volume of foreign direct investment in the country. Reasons why to carry on a business in Slovakia:

  • member of European Union.
  • member of Eurozone as one of a two countries in CEE;
  • member of Schengen area;
  • member of NATO;
  • member of OECD;
  • member of WTO;
  • safe investment environment: political and economic stability;
  • geographic location with great export potential;
  • fastest growing Eurozone member within the last 10 years;
  • Slovakia 10 Year CEE Leadership in Doing Business 2004 - 2013 (World Bank);
  • CEE leader in labour productivity and in TOP 10 hard working countries (OECD);
  • high adaptability of labour force to different culture management styles;
  • number 9 worldwide in adapting to new technologies and high innovation potential;
  • large selection of industrial lands and offices;
  • steadily growing infrastructure network;
  • attractive investment incentives.
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